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Welcome to Great Britain.

There’s a government hell-bent on tearing apart working class communities in some of the most deprived areas.

Funding slashed, workers laid off, strikes organised.
It all sounds familiar, right?

Well, not quite.

In this universe, rather than closing the pits, the government had their sights set on a different workforce community...

The Mimers.


Using our alternate version of Britain, we want to take inspiration from the famous Miners’ Strikes of the 1980s, but this time make a subtle satirical comment on the Government’s repeated attacks on the Arts; all executed with a funny and touching tone of voice.

Our narrative operates in a parallel version of reality, and thus our aesthetics will follow.

We’ll lean into a stylised and heavily art directed world, using the comedic heart of this film to dictate a rather kitsch and hyper-real feeling to the piece.

Jumping from a 1980s prologue to the present day, we’d follow Ernie Peters, a mime who’s determined to keep his beloved craft alive.

Being the son of an activist and prominent former figure within the Mimer community, he feels he has the responsibility and potential to ignite the people and fight back.

Unfortunately, his beloved art-form isn’t the only thing in his life which is in trouble... His bank balance and family relationships are also under threat.

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