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VTTM_FINAL ONLINE 2K ACADEMY RATIO 1.37.1 UHD.00_08_28_17.Still067 copy.jpg


A satirical dramedy loosely inspired by the infamous UK Miner’s strikes; however this time, the fight isn’t in the pits, but on the stage.

With his beloved family trade targeted by a right-wing government with a long-standing hatred for the arts, a Mime performer desperately rallies the troops for a silent revolution, vowing to save the art form from facing the final curtain.

VTTM_FINAL ONLINE 2K ACADEMY RATIO 1.37.1 UHD.00_06_24_12.Still059 copy.jpg


Aspect Ratio

1.37.1 (Academy Ratio)

(16.9 Crop Available)


Digital - Colour

2K (DCP Available)


14 Minutes 59"



(Subs Available)

Director's Statement

This film is incredibly timely.

Our country is imminently facing one of the most important political elections in recent history.
Communities have been decimated by austerity, the class divide has worsened, and funding to the Arts is under constant threat.

Coinciding with the 40 year anniversary of the infamous Miners’ Strikes of the 1980s, we wanted to explore a playfully surreal, alternate version of Britain, where we flip our historical inspiration into a subtle satirical comment on the Government’s repeated attacks on the Arts.


Even with it being a somewhat absurd comedy drama, this story is incredibly personal for me.
Being from a working class background, from a small town with little opportunity, I always felt like I didn’t belong in the TV and Film industries, and I've often felt the brunt of the severe underfunding that the Arts industry receives.

In regards to the titular pun that our film draws inspiration from, I personally have direct family historical ties to the Mining community, so this film is one I'm deeply passionate about, directly appealing to both my sense of humour and my left-wing beliefs.

This film was a mammoth undertaking, and was funded privately by myself, my Producer and our Executive Producer.
Every short film overcomes hurdles, but tragically our film encountered a major setback during production, the sudden passing of my Dad during shoot day 3.
I want nothing more than to do him proud, as he was so excited to see how things turned out.
This film is dedicated to him.

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